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If you are a ‘not for profit’ community organisation and wish to let our listeners know about your services or special events, then contact us and let us know the what, where, when, where and why and a land-line telephone contact number. For events please let us know well in advance so that we can give them  plenty of “air” time or put them on this page.

FREE events around Perth


Dardanup Art Spectacular - Apr 28, 2017 - Apr 30, 2017

Celebrating Emerging Talent The Dardanup Art Spectacular provides an opportunity for artists to showcase their work to the art loving community and to seek recognition of their talent and effort.

Prizes totalling more than $5500 are available in a number of categories. 

The show is open to all Australian residents and provides additional opportunities for recognition for young and emerging artists who live in the Dardanup region.



SIMPSON AND HIS DONKEY - AN EXHIBITION - Feb 02, 2017 - Apr 27, 2017

The delightful illustrations by Frané Lessac help to tell the famous World War 1 story. John Kirkpatrick Simpson and his donkey, Duffy, rescued over 300 men during the World War 1 campaign at Gallipoli. 

The colourful illustrations are in stark contrast with the reality of the events and together with the story, give a deeper understanding of the bravery of Australians at war. This is an exhibition of the original illustrations from the children’s picture book Simpson and his Donkey, by Mark Greenwood, illustrated by Frané Lessac.


BICKLEY-CARMEL HARVEST FESTIVAL  - May 6, 2017 - May 7, 2017

It’s the Twentieth Anniversary of the Bickley-Carmel Valley Harvest Festival and they are celebrating with 20 sensational venues! Explore the hills and sample all the mouth-watering produce of the Bickley-Carmel Valleys including award winning wines, cider, delicious food and farm fresh fruit from the trees. 

Download the new Bickley-Carmel Harvest Festival, iPhone or Android app on your smartphone, print the 2017 map from the website or pick one up from your favourite venue and visit as many of the spectacular venues over the weekend as possible. 

To avoid drinking and driving, book your accommodation at one of the many lovely Bed and Breakfast's located in the picturesque Bickley Valley, Perth Hills, Western Australia.



ORANGE: SANNYAS IN FREMANTLE  - Apr 01, 2017 - May 21, 2017
Orange: Sannyas in Fremantle revisits a highly controversial period in Fremantle’s social history, presenting a range of contemporary responses to the emergence of a new religious movement popularly known as the ‘Orange People’ in the 1980s.

Dedicated to an Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh – now known as Osho – they dressed in orange-coloured clothes and called themselves Sannyasins, a term traditionally related to Indian religious discipleship. The spectacular nature of the Sannyas movement attracted the attention of the media and generated much public interest.

By the mid-1980s Osho had 250,000 Sannyasins worldwide and Fremantle became one of the major centres with many devotees moving in and many locals converting.  Orange presents a selection of newly commissioned art works that explore the legacy of Sannyas in Fremantle, including the experiences of some Sannyasin kids, now in their 40s. Osho’s principle of surrender as a state of no-mind, no ego and letting go is a key theme throughout Orange.

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