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Presenters and Producers

All of the presenters at Capital Community Radio are volunteers and they operate in 2 and 3 hour shifts - from early morning to late at night.

Ably assisted by a dedicated team of volunteer producers, all of us here at Capital Radio are committed to bringing you the best of music and information throughout the extended Perth area, and indeed throughout the world!


Capital Breakfast
That dedicated team who gets up at an early hour to bring you music to wake you and entertain you at the start of your day.  Every weekday!

Alain Gaudet

Ian Hasleby

Steele Stacey

Neville Limpus, Bruce McCartney

Swinging Down The Lane

Once you are up and about, it is time for you to relax with those wonderful numbers from that magical musical era of the 1920s through to the 1950s.

Lol Winchcomb Lol Winchcomb

Les Webb Les Webb

Jeanette Hembrough Jeannette Hembrough

John Fuhrman

Afternoon Gold
The title tells it all, with those wonderful ballads and instrumentals that you grew up with from the 1940s through to the 1970s.  

Roger Veary Roger Veary

Alan Giles Alan Giles

Chris Wayne

George Lewis-Hall

'Cruisin' - The chart toppers of the rock and roll years . All of those hit parade numbers that  you sang and danced to.

Jenny Wrenn Jenny Wrenn

Kelly Green Kelly Green

David Sefton David Sefton

Noel Bonney Noel Bonney

Evening Listening – from 6 to 8.  A wonderful mixed bag for your evening entertainment. On Monday Tony Howes brings you the Listening Post programme. Tuesday and we have Capital Cocktails, when Stephane Faulkner will bring you a cocktail of wonderful music. Wednesday evening and Lenny Ettridge treats us to plenty of Capital Country music. Then on Thursday and Friday we cap it all off with Easy listening music hosted by Brigid Bignell and Helen Whalan. Just the right blend for winding down at the end of the day.

Anthony Howes

Brigid Bignell

Lenny Ettridge

Stephanie Faulkner

Helen Whalan

Night Time Listening - We finish with another mixed bag to see us through until bed-time. On  Monday and Wednesday we play relaxing After Hours music, then on Tuesday and Thursday we go Capital Classics with Lachlan Mackinnon and Paul Redman as our conductors, and Friday night is all about Dining and Dancing.

Lachlan Mackinnon         

Bill Willesee  

Paul Redman Paul Redman

Mark Edwards

Steele Stacey

Weekend Listening

Saturday – Geoff Smith leads off the weekend team with his informative Saturday Sporting Breakfast programme. Then Tony Howes, in the Capital Events programme, bring you a rich mixture of happenings and interesting people in Perth this week. Next up we have Allan Watson with his Saturday Afternoon Swing Shift , and then we relax with Michaela Collingwood and her unique blend of easy-to-listen-to music from The Golden Days of Radio. John Darroch keeps up that relaxing Saturday evening mood with his distinctive Easy Saturday Music and we cap it all off with Neville Limpus and his Saturday Night Party.

Geoff Smith

Anthony Howes Anthony Howes

Allan Watson  

Michaela Collingwood Michaela Collingwood

John Darroch

Neville Limpus

Sunday –  Trish Edwards is first up on  Sunday  with her Sunday breakfast selection. Then Rod Culley presents his Sunday Brunch programme. Those relaxing Sunday morning hours when you can have brunch with us and listen to the sweetest sounds around. Peter Solomon then entertains us with the best of your old favourites on his Sunday Jazz and Swing session. Then we relax with Harvey Pearce and an Eclectic Sunday mixture of musical styles and sources to give you the best of radio entertainment on a Sunday afternoon. This is followed at 6 o'clock by 2 hours of those best-loved tunes of yesteryear from Coleen Hunter.

Trish Edwards Trish Edwards    

Rod Culley

Peter Solomon Peter Solomon

Colleen Hunter

Harvey Pearce


Ann Hollis      Anne Furmann

Clive Whitehead      Debbie White

Eleanor Byrne      Greg Salt

Jenny Merenda      Linton Sharp

Lorne Nichols       Maggie Mann

Michael Duncan       Robert Davis

Sherry Hildred       Brigid Bignell

Colleen Hunter       Mark Edwards

Additional Presenters

Robert Pride

Jordan Fritz




Station Manager

Kay Masters