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29 March 2020

Hey, Y'all....I hope this situation changes soon....scary stuff....I will continue to listen....been listening since 2009....
.....please be safe.....take care of each other.....

Sylvia Ford
Grove, Oklahoma USA

29 March 2020

Just wanted to say what an amazing variety of great music on Sunday 12-3.  Much of it I have not heard before. Very enjoyable afternoon.

Patrick, WA

27 March 2020

I am writing from Melbourne to express my appreciation to 101.7 for continuing to provide music in the absence of your volunteer announcers and producers.  We miss the excellent announcers, but the ongoing music is a welcome substitute.

I understand the reasoning behind not having your announcers on the job.  I am a volunteer at the MCG's Australian Sports Museum and we also have been told not to go to work (the Museum is in fact closed) until it is safe to resume normality.

With thanks   Lionel, VICTORIA

26 March 2020

Thank you for continuing to play your fantastic music while the Coronavirus is on, we are stuck at home in self isolation but it's great listening to this wonderful music, we wake up with you and the radio is on all day long, we love it - many thanks

Doreen, WA

14 February 2020

Thank you for your great music.
Particularly Paul Redman's classics on Thursday evenings.
I phoned the other day and asked for some good old Gilbert & Sullivan.
Paul said that he'd play some next week, the 20th, I believe.
My grandfather was one of the original Doily Cart opera singers.

Cheers & kind regards, David, WA

10 February 2020

I was very privileged (& absolutely delighted) to be awarded tickets for the Andre Rieu concert on Saturday last.
The Event Innaloo theatre was decadently comfortable & the concert was beyond outstanding.
The music evoked a gamut of emotions & there were many times when there were tears of joy at the breathtaking music, awe-inspiring talent & awesome & sublimely beautiful entertainment.
I was in heaven for every second of the 3 hours & on a high for many hours after.
Thank you so much.
Kind Regards,
Rob, WA

31 January 2020

Absolutely loving the music this afternoon. A great selection to listen to while and relaxing with a coffee.

Dianne, WA

13 January 2020

Hello, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this station.

I particularly love Peter Solomon's session on a Sunday afternoon and wait for it eagerly each weekend.  It has such a wonderful selection of music which is so enjoyable and relaxing.  

When I am away from WA, I try to get the session from my locations interstate and overseas.

Thank you to all your presenters.

The station is excellent.

Kind regards
Rosey - Cottesloe,WA

1 January 2020

Happy new year from Chile. Thanks for the music you play and your loving voices. Blessings!!!

Ver A San Martin, Chile

31 December 2019

Dear all, 
we wish you a prosperous New Year 2020 with health and pleasure.
We will visit you end of March.
Have a good time
Michael & Gisela, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

11 December 2019

Trish Edwards and her producer have run a great show tonight

Peter, WA

10 December 2019

Mark, I would just like to comment on the Jazz show Mic Gooch did on Sunday 8th December 2019 I thought it was great. I think he deserves a payrise.

Michael, WA

4 December 2019

Never  miss the Tuesday/Thursday Capital Classics.  Enjoy hearing different versions of old favourites.  Many thanks to both presenters.  [Never in my entire long life have I heard 'The Nutcracker sung!!!!!!!]

Regards.  G. & EP. Woodcock, WA

30 November 2019

Have rediscovered Capitol. Absolutely love the music and everything about it. I use to listen to Curtain but it went all commercial and silly talk topics etc. I am a convert to you guys, just love it.what a pleasure to have your station to listen to.

Steven, WA

26 November 2019

I have just shifted to Perth and trying to find 100.1 on my radio was impossible and then I hit on your channel .
What an amazing channel. I have heard songs I haven't heard in 55 years. No way am I changing channels in case I miss another great oldie.  I am 73 and it makes me feel young again. 
Thank you, thank you.

Ronnie WA

22 November 2019

My husband and I are visiting WA in our caravan and wherever we stay we make sure we can tune in because we love all the music you play. When we go home to Sydney we are going to try to tune in on our digital radio. I do hope we can continue to listen because we have enjoyed your station so much. Well done and a big thank you to all of you amazing volunteers.

Margaret, Sydney, NSW

10 November 2019

Best country music station in Perth!

Roberto, WA

28 October 2019

Mick Gooch is the best thing since sliced bread, plays my kind of
sixties music, what vintage is he?

Nick, WA

29 August 2019

I absolutely love Capital Radio, and you're the only station I listen to.  I just had to say how lovely the new Thursday Breakfast Presenter is. I'm sorry I haven't caught his name, but he was on last Thursday the 22nd as well.  Keep up the great work.

Christine, WA

26 August 2019

I am thoroughly enjoying listening to Ian this morning. He wakes us up with a laugh and a smile.

Marilyn, WA

25 August 2019

I am a regular listener to Capital Radio & would like to thank Conrad - wee small hours  for his programme on Friday nights, the music he plays is terrific, very much to my taste & with little or no interruptions & a great  radio voice (I actually phoned up last friday/sat 23rd but phone seemed to be in faxb  mode!) I have an hours journey home every friday 11pm to midnight & some times when I get home I will sit in the car listening, the music is so good. Also Crusinb is my next favourite programme, thank you Capital & keep up the great work.

Yours Ronnie, WA

21 August 2019

I just wanted to say thank you for your tremendous radio station. I am only 19 but I love older music and capital radio really hits the spot. Keep up the great job.

Luke, WA

18 June 2019

Great radio station!  You will never know how much we love and enjoy with all my friends, who are all listening! 

Do you know The Philippines  share the same time zone As Perth, Western Australia?
Please sometimes, if you can,  play Joni James songs (who is now 95+ years old) Thank you very much.

More power to your lovely and  sweet radio station 101.7 FM Capital Community Radio.

Nadine, Manila, Philippines

14 June 2019

We are having  a great night in listening to the music . Wine flowing and log fire burning

Richard, Edgewater WA

13 June 2019

Thank you for brightening my day with all the beautiful memories and music of my late dad's time it brings so many memories back to me of when I was a child and I would sit on my dad's lap and listen to his music with him and mum would give me an afternoon nap and I would fall asleep listening to Acker Bilk and all the wonderful music of the yesteryear.

Natalie, WA

10 May 2019

I have just recently come across your wonderful radio station playing all the just as wonderful golden songs of old I treasure and enjoy so much.Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

Dennis, WA

28 April 2019

I listen to your station quite often, and I just wanted to say that the music this morning  (I started listening around 8am) was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. 
Keep up the great work. 

Sharon, Perth

13 April 2019

Terrific program!

Alan, NSW

25 March 2019

FANTASTIC program today - as always. Thank you and God bless each one of you for bringing so much joy to the world through music.
Kindest wishes,
Cecilia (a faithful listener and supporter), WA

24 March 2019


Alice, WA

25 February 2019

Hello all,

I'm an under 60 listener and a bit of a station hopper, depending on whether there's too much talk/advertising going on. Over the last year I've listened to Curtin Radio quite a lot and flicked regularly over to Capital to listen in for a while. One of the things I enjoy about Capital is learning about recording artists I did not know about previously. Often, I hear a song on your station and then search for the artist on iTunes. This has been adding new dimensions to my playlists. On Sunday morning I was driving my son to tennis and listened in to Trish Edwards for the first time. She's marvellous on air, and as a result of her efforts I have now added Ella Mae Morse and Cat Edmonson to my collection. Thanks to Trish and all the volunteers who make Capital possible.

Ken, WA

12 February 2019

Thankyou for a wonderful range of music everyday 7 days a week. Love all the presenters and thankyou for the effort you all make. I cannot express enough. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.xx 

Steve, WA

30 January 2019

Enjoying Mr Fuhrmann's choice of music, thanks.

John Lee, WA

28 January 2019

Thank you for the great "olden days,: Tunes youve been playing 2/  2.30. Today Monday. I enjoyed Nat King Cols, Connie frances  ect on my long drive. top selection beautiful songs and velvet voices.

Catharina, WA

27 December 2018

The interview of Chip Harvey about his adventures as a Spitfire pilot was incredibly touching and interesting. Such an articulate 90+year old. Wow ! His memory was amazing.

The story was even more poignant when I related it to 2018. My grandson is 17 ,he is a mature 17 year old but is he ready to take on a role in a war, I doubt it. Yet Chip had already enlisted and was training as a pilot. My other grandson is 25 but Chip was already a veteran Spitfire pilot. Chip Harvey is an incredible, humble  man who shared an incredible life story. Life is not merely about pop stars and millennials. We need to hear more about these amazing senior role models. Thank you for this wonderful interview.

Biruta, WA

25 December 2018

Wishing everyone at Capital Community radio a Merry Christmas.... I LOVE THIS STATION

Sylvia Ford Grove Oklahoma, USA

5 December 2018

We enjoy listening to your programs when we travel in the car which is every day.  The golden oldies and the classics are our favourites.

Auriole, WA

2 December 2018

Thank you Peter Solomon for always having a wonderful show on Sundays - it's the highlight of my week!

Great music and commentary-

kindest regards Rosey, WA

26 November 2018

Hi, I was sent a link from one of your loyal Perth listeners and am listening to your broadcast,  love your style of music,  great program 

Geoff, NSW

13 November 2018

Tuning in to The Listening Post (as I do every week) and hearing the musical documentary tribute to the men who served in WWii in the form of a story of two best friends and their loved ones followed by the tribute to those who served in Vietnam and the recent conflicts in the Middle East. Most moving; have tears in my eyes. I'm one of the very first Baby Boomers (born Jan 46). My Dad was ineligible to serve in the Second World War because of health issues and he was unfairly sent a letter inside which was a single white feather. I didn't serve in "Nam"- my marble didn't come up but many of my mates did. They all came back... and those who saw action; shadows of the men who were originally recruited. programs like this touch me deeply - "but for the grace of God go I". Brilliant programming Capital.      

John, WA

13 November 2018

Fanastic radio station - plays the music we love to hear - seven days a week.  Love Tony Howes programme on Saturday morning - great to keep up today with what is happening in WA

Carryn, WA

20 September 2018

Love the station and the presenters. Great variety.

 Geoffrey, WA

18 September 2018

Wonderful cocktails with Steph tonight. The usual great music especially the French Quand on danseb by Gilbert ( I didn't get the surname). Keep it up.

Jane, WA

11 September 2018

May I say thank you and congratulations.  This morning music right through from 6am this morning and until now has been exceptional.  Just a magic trip down memory lane. 
My husband has Dementia, however he sings along to almost every song.  Well done

Bernise, WA

9 September 2018

Awesome. All radios tuned into 101.7 Music for every taste. The presenters do a fantastic job. Keep up the good work.

Christine, WA

5 September 2018

You bring back the best of the yester years music easy listening and great sing a long while driving to and from work Keep it up  you have won me over.

Anna, WA

1 September 2018

Have just changed  a few months ago from Curtin Radio to Capital, this is my type of music.  Love all the oldies that normally one never hears.  Keep up the good work love the music and gossip. Car Bedroom Lounge and Kitchen all tuned in to Capital FM Radio

Margaret, WA